Funny story… I started culinary school this week. My first Chef Instructor is a nice guy, funny, knowledgeable and can take boring material and make it, well, less boring. He also has a habit of saying, “Squirrel!” –like the dog from the movie ‘Up’
He goes off on tangents. Wild stories and funny memories dot his lectures and when he realizes he has strayed from the current topic, he says, “Squirrel!” and then gets back on track.
Being my sarcastic self, I thought it would be funny to make a squirrel on a stick to hold up in class when he’s gone off topic.
*It was totally Hilarious*
Chef was going on about something and quietly, from the back row, comes a squirrel… He did a double take and then said, “Ha! Squirrel!”
He liked it so much he took it to show the other classrooms… I hope he doesn’t dock my grade too much. =D

My Media Console is FINISHED!!

My Media Console is FINISHED!!

It took a while… A lot of self-doubt had to be addressed, but I did it!! I built a beautiful piece of furniture that won’t fall apart the first time someone touches it! I couldn’t be more pleased.

It’s the size that counts

It's the size that counts

I’m not a drinker. I don’t got out and party. You won’t catch me bar-hopping, no beer-fests for me.

However, I kinda have a thing for wine….

On the left you see a traditional wine glass.
**It’s cute, isn’t it?**
On the right, you see my glass of choice. I call it ‘The Big Sipper’
This is a glass for a professional. A design meant for the lady who is simply too dignified to just put a straw in the bottle, most of the time.
I’ve seen the gag glass that advertises it can hold an entire bottle of wine, but this one holds nearly half that amount and stays classy. 😉

I love my Big Sipper and I think it loves me too… Just don’t tell it that it is really a water goblet.