Things I do for my children

My oldest child is a bookworm. She is 9 and reads anything she can get her hands on. Practically everyday I find myself saying, “Doodle, put the book down and go play!”

(Of course her name is not really “Doodle” — I’m only mean enough to call her that when her friends aren’t around)

She recently went through the entire Harry Potter series, movies included, and is now constantly picking up sticks and pretending they are wands. — It’s a good thing she’s pretty, because she’s gonna need it….

Anyway, my sweet Doodle is a big fan of all things magical at the moment, so I made her a little surprise.

I started with a hot glue gun, chopsticks, beads and paint. Forgive the quality of the pics here. Late night, bad lighting…



I then spent about 3 hours burning myself with hot glue and cursing at beads that wouldn’t stay put to produce this:



Doodle’s very own wand shop.


It really was easy. Just spread glue on the chopstick, stick on beads, let cool, paint. done.


I think she will be pleased…

Now if I could only find that tube of aloe so I can hold my celebratory wineglass without wincing.