AHHH! Political turmoil!!

So… Gay Marriage is a thing now.

Some of you love this, some of you hate this. Each side has it’s arguments all laid out and ready to deploy at a moments notice. Instead of commenting on random Facebook posts all day, let me give you my thoughts here…

Here’s the thing. I used to be a little hesitant about accepting “gays”. It wasn’t a religious thing, though I am a believer. I just didn’t understand it because my brain doesn’t work that way. Don’t get me wrong, I was never anti-anything, just wary and kinda weirded out (If you can’t be honest on the internet, where can you, right?).

Then a funny thing happened. I made friends with some really awesome people who just happened to be gay. I was able to witness moments of attraction, affection, joy, fury, and tenderness between two people of the same sex. I realized that there is absolutely nothing weird about it. It is exactly like straight relationships, except for one thing. When a straight couple finds each other, after years of searching for the right fit, they fall in love and decide to make a life together. Some live together, some get married and start families, but they do so with the blessings of society. No one thinks twice about this natural progression.

There are lots of reasons to support marriage in general. You get to cherish the security in having a best friend, a help meet, someone who always has your back. You can share financial burdens and housework duties. You never have to sleep alone.

You say, “Gay people can live together and have those things too without getting married.”

Yes they can, but what else does a married couple have? Monetary benefits of a civil union, Health insurance discounts, car insurance discounts, community property, tax reductions, the list goes on and on.

Why would you willfully deny a couple who has committed to each other for life the benefits afforded to straight couples?

Because God says it’s a sin.


Sure, let’s explore that then, shall we?

First, a civil union, which is all this is, doesn’t affect your beliefs or your church. No church is required to preform ceremonies for gay couples.

Second, are you divorced? Have you ever lied? Disobeyed your father? Coveted something? Did you look at your neighbors new car and think, “man I want one of those!”? The Bible say not to do all of those things or you risk damnation. It also contradicts itself regularly.

The Bible is a book, directed by God, but written by man. Man is fallible, man injects is own beliefs into things. The Bible itself isn’t even the Bible as it was originally written. Over the centuries it has been tweaked and changed by the church to reflect whatever agenda they were promoting at the time. It even incorporates some elements of Paganism to attract the early Celtic crowd.

What God says, over and over is to love one another. Do not be a judge of man, do not hate or create violence, do unto others as you would have done unto you. Where does it say to discriminate against someone based on their personal choices? Do you honestly think that keeping a loving couple from filing legal paperwork will somehow save their soul? Or yours? Or that it somehow endangers your soul?

They are going to be gay, no matter what you do or don’t approve of. The choices people make are accountable only to God, not man. Every man will face judgement in their own time. Your opinions will have no effect on the way that goes down for me, or anyone else, only for you. So maybe tolerance and kindness would even benefit you in the end?

Love one another, as I have loved you.

In other words, you don’t have to like everything in this world. However, if it does no harm, you can learn to tolerate it or turn your head away. Because honestly, I don’t like guys wearing skinny jeans, and I think people who eat no gluten without being celiac are silly. But, you know what? IT’S NONE OF MY DAMN BUSINESS. I will cook a meal with no gluten for my friend because she says it makes her feel better to not eat it and I can keep my mouth shut when a guy walks by in skinny jeans because he likes them.

If I can keep my comments to myself when someone else’s kid comes over and chews with their mouth open, you can let people of the same gender marry before the courts.

The willpower it takes might be intense, but you can do it.


I’ve got a rant for you…

Recently, I gave you all the gory details of my son’s illnesses and his journey to get to being a (sort of) healthy toddler.

It’s rough, what he goes through. I know, I have to watch it. It’s not just the three rounds of pills everyday, or the shots every night, or the fear of ANY illness getting to him; it’s also the difficulty of acquiring and the outrageous costs of his medications, especially the HGH.


You know what? This stuff is really expensive! In fact, it runs about $2,400 a MONTH. Wanna know why? Because athletes and movie stars think they need it to keep from getting paunchy. That makes the suits in the government bureaucracy put a stamp next to it on the medication list which makes it harder to get….and MUCH more expensive.


Thanks Baywatch dude…


Little Man takes Human Growth Hormone because he doesn’t make any, hard to do without a pituitary huh? It does more than just make you grow though. For people who don’t make Growth Hormone, they also don’t efficiently manage cell-reproduction or muscle repair. So think about this, Your body sheds and replaces cells ALL of the time, from your skin to your muscles to your organs. Your heart is a muscle right? If you are shedding cells from your heart, and can’t replace them efficiently or process out the dead cells, you start to get a weakened heart muscle. HGH prevents that from happening for my son by boosting those processes back to their normal levels.

So, have you heard the stories out of Hollywood about HGH abuse?


Probably not.

Did you see the star get arrested for HGH abuse?


No, me neither.

How about the TV star standing up and begging for research into pituitary disorders?



You know why? It’s not a “benefit worthy” cause. Not enough Cool-Factor points.

Sure, It’s not as cool as the “Big Money-Big Exposure” Diseases, but can the Rare Diseases get a little celebrity love too? Then maybe my son’s prescriptions won’t cost me the price of a mortgage for the mansion on the beach that the buff, steroid pumped, actor-jerk gets to live in.


Maybe, if some celebrity looking for a cause to champion could do battle against HGh abuse and for research into better methods of hormone replacement therapy, my son could someday get better.

Well… I won’t hold my breath.


*Thanks for letting me rant*

Your crazy is showing, you might want to tuck that back in…

I saw this today:


and I thought…. woah, are there any?

It would be a cute 1 page book.

It made me realize that there are some things we probably should keep far more private than we do.

Everyday we post random info about our families and lives to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, WordPress, etc. Is there any one of us that can say they don’t regret a post here or there? That they maybe should have waited to post vacation photos until they got home from vacation so the creeps out there wouldn’t know the house was empty? How about that drunken Tweet to the ex, or the questionable pic on facebook?

For example, I posted a picture of my kids from Instagram today and some random strange man “liked” my picture…

**Dude, that’s creepy.**

Time to change the privacy settings, ASAP.

Then what about the things that you just don’t fully think out before you post them online, for everyone to see. The things that you leave out there, publicly, that are never going to go away….

There was this incidence of cyber-stalking I witnessed via Twitter/Facebook Fan page last night. There’s an actor named Sam Heughan that I recently blogged about (here). He’s a nice guy, plays to the twitter fans, responds to comments, posts teases about his upcoming role in the Outlander series coming to Starz in 2014. Then he goes and posts this picture:

sh 2013

…and the fans went <WILD>

But one girl took it too far…. Apparently she lives near the area in which this picture was taken. So she tweeted inappropriate comments to him, she BEGGED to have him meet her nearby. Flooding twitter feeds and Facebook posts with a frankly creepy stream of consciousness on how she was going to Find Him and Meet him and get him to Sign Her Poem, etc.

I don’t want to rag on the girl too hard, I think it was mostly meant as a joke, all in good fun, but I don’t think she considered the perspective of the strangers who were seeing her (apparent) mental breakdown at the prospect of being Near this guy. (which subsequently got her banned from the fan page)

We all just sort of *cringed*

can you imagine the way that would play out?

Girl: HI! I Found you! See I did! AND I wrote you a POEM!!

He: Umm…. Gee, thanks??

Regardless of how eloquent and beautiful (and not creepy) that poem may have been, it just SOUNDS creepy! Doesn’t it?? It just makes you want to tap her on the shoulder and say “Excuse me, I think your crazy is showing, you might want to tuck that back in…”

We need to Really reflect on what we put out there. What secrets should we keep from the internet? Who is watching what we do, how do they perceive that info and what do they do with it?

With that in mind, I post this on my blog for the world to see… let me know if I need to tuck anything back in.