Son of a &*@#%….

So there’s this book:

Outlander (Outlander Series #1)

It is Incredible. If you like a good story, read this book. Here’s the link again, go buy it. You will NOT be disappointed. I promise. In fact, if you read it and don’t immediately want the next book in the series, I’ll buy it from you ’cause you don’t deserve to keep it anyway…

This book is one of those stories that really lives. A British WWII nurse is our heroine, forced out of her own time to a Scotland 200+ years in the past, who longs to return to her own world while simultaneously falling in love with the world she has landed in. Let me be clear, this is not a sappy love story. It is action, adventure, sci-fi, history, and *sometimes* a little romance. I won’t go to much into it because, while this is my favorite book, it it not the reason for this post.

This is.

Ladies, meet Sam Heughan.

The actor chosen to portray the hero in my favorite-book-of-all-time which is being turned into a massive series coming to Starz in March of 2014.

BTW… I saw this RIGHT after I heard about the show and thought… that’s the job I need, right there. mmmhm.

Book slappers…

*Ahem* anyway, back to the man, Sam Heughan…

That’s right, James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser (or Jamie, sometimes even  “JAMMF” on Twitter), in the flesh.

My. Heart. Has. Melted.

He’s perfectly Jamie. Tall, handsome, emanates strength without being “too macho.” He has soulful and trustworthy eyes with a touch of playfulness. A man you would get on a horse and follow through the Scottish Highlands without question. Plus he’s actually a Scot. You can’t beat that.

So why is this a problem??

Personally, it means Alexander Skarsgard finally has some serious competition for the heart of this happily married mother of 4.

Sam Heughan has been cast as Jamie Fraser in the upcoming Starz adaptation of the "Outlander" series by Diana Gabaldon. *Yes, Sam. I’m talking about you.*

I don’t know if he’s straight or gay and I don’t care. I like him so much that he’s about to get his own board on Pinterest, and that is a serious commitment from me.

Really though, I think poor Heughan doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into… Outlander fans are a loyal and committed bunch. We’ve all lived with these characters for decades now. We’ve followed their triumphs and failures, heartaches and joys, lives and deaths with complete surrender. We Love these characters, and now we love Heughan.

*Poor Guy*

I only hope the woman they choose to play your Claire is worthy… Heaven help her if she’s too skinny 😉

It’s pronounced Skaaaaaarsgaaaaard….

See this guy?


He’s got a goofy nose and an overbite, but damn it… I. Can’t. Help. Myself.

It’s a problem.

Alexander Skarsgard. Tall, handsome, funny, good with kids. It’s like catnip to the over 30’s like me.

I first encountered this masterpiece in the 2011 remake of the movie Straw Dogs:

Which is a great movie, BTW. It starts sort of slow but builds into this amazing arc of action and drama and gut wrenching, can’t look away awesomeness. I had a friend over to watch it with me and the expression on her face as the final scenes unfolded was priceless. Watch it, seriously, the end is totally worth your attention. You can catch a preview here.

Anyway, Skarsgard plays the unknowing villain.  The guy who honestly thinks he’s a good guy, but…. not so much. The reason he stood out for me is first because I couldn’t place the ‘Southern’ in his accent. And secondly:

I think if I wasn’t originally from the South I wouldn’t have noticed the accent thing, but there was something…. different. I kept thinking, “Where is this guy from” it was captivating. So I searched him, and what? … SWEDISH! Seriously?!? Never would’ve guessed.

Holy CRAP, his dad is Stellan Skarsgard, aka Bootstrap Bill from Pirates of the Carribean!

Stellan Skarsgård 2009.jpg

That guy has been in everything… Good Will Hunting, The Avengers, Exorcist: The Beginning.

So, skip ahead to last October: I started watching past seasons of True Blood (because a friend said I should be watching it), and what do I see? That hunky guy from Straw Dogs. He’s a 1,000 yr old Viking vampire with control issues and a jones for Faery blood.

eric northman | eric northman Eric Northman


I have to admit it: I love the show, the story, the characters, but Damn, I watch for Skarsgard:

Take this scene from Season 3, episode 1. Just look at that emotion, the acting is perfect, the sincerity with which he speaks.. when he….naked, beautiful…. wait, what was I saying?

It doesn’t matter.

I will just be contented with my True Blood Season 6 while I patiently wait for the DVD release of his next projects, What Masie Knew and The East.

My husband thinks it is hilarious, my friends think I’m insane, but I don’t care. Heaven help me if I ever meet him face to face, I’d probably turn into a sputtering, goofy mess.

Good thing I don’t have to worry about things like that, I’m just a housewife tucked safely away in suburbia with my DVR and a bottle of wine.