I’ve got a rant for you…

Recently, I gave you all the gory details of my son’s illnesses and his journey to get to being a (sort of) healthy toddler.

It’s rough, what he goes through. I know, I have to watch it. It’s not just the three rounds of pills everyday, or the shots every night, or the fear of ANY illness getting to him; it’s also the difficulty of acquiring and the outrageous costs of his medications, especially the HGH.


You know what? This stuff is really expensive! In fact, it runs about $2,400 a MONTH. Wanna know why? Because athletes and movie stars think they need it to keep from getting paunchy. That makes the suits in the government bureaucracy put a stamp next to it on the medication list which makes it harder to get….and MUCH more expensive.


Thanks Baywatch dude…


Little Man takes Human Growth Hormone because he doesn’t make any, hard to do without a pituitary huh? It does more than just make you grow though. For people who don’t make Growth Hormone, they also don’t efficiently manage cell-reproduction or muscle repair. So think about this, Your body sheds and replaces cells ALL of the time, from your skin to your muscles to your organs. Your heart is a muscle right? If you are shedding cells from your heart, and can’t replace them efficiently or process out the dead cells, you start to get a weakened heart muscle. HGH prevents that from happening for my son by boosting those processes back to their normal levels.

So, have you heard the stories out of Hollywood about HGH abuse?


Probably not.

Did you see the star get arrested for HGH abuse?


No, me neither.

How about the TV star standing up and begging for research into pituitary disorders?



You know why? It’s not a “benefit worthy” cause. Not enough Cool-Factor points.

Sure, It’s not as cool as the “Big Money-Big Exposure” Diseases, but can the Rare Diseases get a little celebrity love too? Then maybe my son’s prescriptions won’t cost me the price of a mortgage for the mansion on the beach that the buff, steroid pumped, actor-jerk gets to live in.


Maybe, if some celebrity looking for a cause to champion could do battle against HGh abuse and for research into better methods of hormone replacement therapy, my son could someday get better.

Well… I won’t hold my breath.


*Thanks for letting me rant*


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