I can be crafty. Right?

Recently I stumbled upon a blog that awakened within me a desire I never knew I had. Woodworking.

When I mentioned this to my loving, understanding and supportive husband he said, “Woodworking? As in furniture building? Why? We have furniture.”

sheesh. men.

I want GOOD furniture. I’m so tired of finding the “perfect” piece for whatever it is I’m looking for, paying stupid amounts of money for it and it doesn’t hold up. Why pay good money for crap?

So… I want to build some stuff. This generous and wonderful woman, Ana White, has posted detailed plans to build nearly anything I ever dreamed of owning. So why not??

I have an entertainment center that I loved, my first “real” piece of furniture purchased from a furniture store. It’s beauty lasted MAYBE 2 years. We still use it 7 years later, because we don’t want to pay another $1,000 for a piece of crap. Enter the Printer’s Cabinet:

Printers Triple Console Cabinet ain’t she purty? This particular one was built by a woman when she was 9 months pregnant! See her blog here.

It LOOKS like it would be super hard right? WRONG! The plans make you realize how easy it could be. Imagine if you left out the top drawers and just made it open cubbies? Perfect Media Console/living room storage without all of the cluttered knick-knack items that accumulate over the years from well-meaning relatives and school art projects that are currently lingering on my shelves. 😉

I AM going to do this next week. I can do this! Wish me luck. If I am successful, I can then tackle this Farmhouse Table and this Outdoor Sectional:

Farmhouse Table   Platform Outdoor Sectional

Well, maybe.

I’m sure I could do this! My grandfather was a furniture maker, woodworking is in my blood!

Of course, my grandfather was missing 4 fingers when he died….. But his furniture is gorgeous!

7 thoughts on “I can be crafty. Right?

  1. I love your post… My hubby and I upcycled and restore vintage and antique wooden furniture pieces as a side hobby…. Mainly because we have the lack of funds to purchase said pieces in fully restored condition, and because we possess the skills, patience and motivation to fix them up ourselves… It’s so rewarding when you get your first couple of pieces done – beware though it is addictive!

    Here are a few of our pieces:





    Love to know what you think!

    • WOW! That armoire is Gorgeous! I love the vintage styles.
      Great find with the desk as well! You’ve got great style and I love the upgrades to the pieces. You’ve really got talent!

  2. Good luck! If I could give you any advice, it would be to invest in a good table saw. Don’t get a table top saw! Stick to a contractor style saw or a hybrid saw. Of course you will spend between $600-$800 but if you are going to stick with woodworking it will be well worth it. A small, good quality cordless drill is also a necessity. I would also recommend a few chisels and a backsaw. Again, get good ones and not a home center brand. You will probably have to check out Lee Valley or Lie Nielsen. Lee Valley sells a nice back saw for $70, a few good chisels will cost around $30 each. I know they aren’t cheap but they will literally last you a life time. To get started, you will most likely spend around $1300-$1500. But with those basic tools you can make furniture for a lifetime. Again, good luck!

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